Ecofuel Eurasia - Gazprom

ОАО «Газпром», чья доля в мировых запасах газа составляет 17 %, является крупнейшим в мире производителем и поставщиком природного газа. На сегодняшний день глобальная компания осуществляет надежные поставки природного газа более чем в 20 стран Европы и Средней Азии.
«Газпром» – это почти 40 лет германо-российских партнерских отношений в секторе энергетики и надежности энергоснабжения Германии. Техническое оснащение всей газотранспортной системы – газопроводов, компрессорных станций, подземных газохранилищ – позволяет осуществлять надежные поставки природного газа крупнейшим энергетическим предприятиям Германии и, таким образом, осуществлять бесперебойное газоснабжение конечных потребителей в секторе экономики, в коммунальных и бытовых хозяйствах.
Главными направлениями деятельности компании являются разведка и разработка месторождений природного газа, добыча, обработка и транспортировка природного газа, а также торговля природным газом, сжиженным природным газом и газовым конденсатом. Газовой продукцией снабжаются как отечественные, так и зарубежные потребители.


NGK Spark Plug

NGK Spark Plug is the world leading manufacturer of spark plugs and Lambda sensors and belongs to the innovation leaders in the area of glow plugs. The Company supplies its products to the series production of 52 car manufacturers and offers parts in original quality to the Aftermarket. At a very early stage NGK researched the special challenges associated with gas operation and subsequently developed spark plugs dedicated to meet the high demands of LPG and CNG combustion, spark plugs which are used by Opel and VW/Audi to name just two examples. Additionally, NGK launched a new Aftermarket assortment of specialised spark plugs for gas operation and helps to promote the topic by means of various joint projects, e.g. with the Project v300plus or Prins Autogas Systemen.



As a major developer and manufacturer of fluid system components and  solutions for the alternative fuels industry, Swagelok tube fittings, valves and hoses were chosen by Volkswagen for their history of reliability, safety and long-running durability. In addition, Swagelok is co-sponsoring the Ecofuel Asia Tour and wishes the EcoFuel Caddy drive team a safe and successful record-breaking quest.

Liqui Moly


LIQUI MOLY GmbH headquartered in Ulm in southern Germany offers a wide variety of high quality products including motor oils, additives, car care products and chemically-based technical solutions for automotive applications. With over 4,000 articles, customers have access to a comprehensive product line. LIQUI MOLY develops and tests its products in its own laboratories, manufactures in Germany, and markets all of its products by itself. The company, headed by owner Ernst Prost, is among the most distinguished in the industry. In addition to the German market, LIQUI MOLY products are sold in over 90 countries around the globe. Customers of LIQUI MOLY's high tech line of products include wholesalers, specialist retailers, automotive workshops, industry and brand-specific dealers.


IMW Industries

Since 1984, IMW has been a major global supplier of CNG fuelling systems including compressors, dispensers, gas controls and storage systems. We deliver efficient, high-quality CNG equipment, as well as timely after-market service through wholly-owned service centers and a global network of authorized representatives offering technical support, parts and service. IMW is committed to building long-term relationships by focusing on customer satisfaction.  IMW is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, committed to providing quality equipment and excellent customer service.



Since 1986 WEH are engaged in the development of components for refuelling with alternative fuels and laid the foundation for the worldwide NGV1 standard (ISO 14469). Today WEH offer a complete product line for CNG and hydrogen refuelling of cars, trucks and busses: fuelling nozzles, receptacles, break-aways, check valves, filter, hoses, etc. as well as fuelling nozzles and receptacles for LNG refuelling.
Further information: www.weh.com



HYDAC operates worldwide, offering an extensive product range to cover all areas of fluid technology. The products range from components and sub-systems, through to complex controlled and regulated drive units for mobile and industrial machines and systems.

MCS International

MCS International GmbH

MCS International GmbH (previously Mannesmann Cylinder Systems) has manufactured seamless, high pressure steel cylinders for over 100 years and has been involved in the CNG market from the onset. MCS has years of experience and technical know-how in production and quality assurance.By consistently developing products, MCS International GmbH is still one of the leading companies worldwide.
The innovative composite pressure vessel for storing highly compressed natural gas (CNG) was already developed in the early 90's. The full composite vessel (Type IV) consists of a plastic liner wrapped with carbon fibre and considering the high safety reserves, it is characterised by an especially favourable volume to weight ratio. http://www.mcs-int.de

VTI Automotive

Kuehne + Nagel
EcoFuel Sponsor: Schaeffler Group

The Schaeffler Gruppe

With circa 1,250 patent applications per year, the Schaeffler Gruppe is one of Germanys leading innovators. With its three strong brands - INA, LuK and FAG - the Schaeffler Group stands for a pronounced customer focus, innovative power and the highest possible quality. In 2008, approximately 66,000 employees at over 180 locations worldwide achieved sales totaling of 8.9 billion euros. The group belongs to the leading suppliers of the rolling bearings industry worldwide and is a recognized partner of nearly all automobile manufacturers.

The Schaeffler Gruppe is a trusted partner in the development for the entire drive train. The precision parts for engines, transmissions and chassis lower energy consumption and the emmision of pollutants as well as increasing driving comfort and safety.

The clutch systems part of the group rise to success started with the standard production of the diaphragm spring clutch. Today, the range spans much more: Besides developments in the self-adjusting clutch (SAC), the term clutch systems also comprises the complex “clutch and actuation” operation and the disengaging system as well as further innovations such as the world’s first fully-variable hydraulic valve control system UniAir/MultiAir, the direct shift transmission with dry double clutch and the wheel bearing with face splines.

Applications for alternative drive concepts e.g., hybrid drives, round off the gearing and transmission spectrum of the future. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket was founded as a aftermarket sales organization and supports dealerships and independent service garages with spare parts and services.

EcoFuel Sponsor: Fulda